Can't Wait To Begin

from Going About This by Andy McGarvie



I’d always fallen in love far too easily, and I was worried this was just that again
‘Cause if I’m honest, and these days I’m trying to be, I’ll admit that I was lonely back then
I thought I needed something more like a miracle to save me from the impasse that I’d found myself at
But it turned out to be something far more simple than that

‘Cause in walks you with that smile on your face
And we’re introduced, and I’m transported away
We talked like we knew each other thousands of years
And I just want to hold on to this moment right here

Maybe we meet up just once for a dance and some fun have a nice night then go seperate ways
Maybe you end up at mine and we stay up all night and make love for the next couple days
Maybe we try this thing out and after a few weeks of doubt both decide it’s worth pursuing
I don’t know where this goes babe, but with you I can’t wait to begin

I didn’t want to tell you I loved you too soon but I knew I would if that’s what it came too
Though most of what I think I second guess myself something told me this one was true
I just can’t bear the thought of being without you and I wonder how I ever did it so long before
And I’ve come to the point where I think finally maybe I’m sure

‘Cause now I wake up with you and there’s a smile on my face
I still worry though, I do, I can’t escape my old ways
You tell me it’ll be okay, and I believe you somehow
‘Cause every single one of my mistakes has lead me to right here and now

Maybe we fall in love stay together forever and then die in each others arms
Maybe we get shacked up and then argue too much and call it off when it all gets too hard
Maybe we have a couple of kids but divorce in the end look back with pride though at all that had been
I don’t know where this ends babe, but with you I can’t wait to begin

‘Cause you make it easy to love you
You make me believe in everything I do
Now I no longer care that I don’t know what tomorrow brings
You’ve shown me it’s easy

And maybe we fall in love stay together forever and then die in each others arms
Or maybe we don’t and it ends, and we try to stay friends, either way baby I’m not alarmed
‘Cause wherever this goes and I’ve no way to know, right now it’s as much as I need
I don’t know how this ends, babe, I’m just glad that we got to begin
I don’t how this ends babe, but with you I can’t wait to begin


from Going About This, released February 12, 2021
Written by A. McGarvie.

A. McGarvie - guitars, vocals
G. Bowen - drum kit/percussion
O. Downie - Bass
B. Tsui - piano/keyboards

Recorded at Aviary Studios, Melbourne Australia

Mixed by F. Montgomery
Mastered at Deluxe Mastering by A. Dempsey


all rights reserved



Andy McGarvie Melbourne, Australia

Andy McGarvie is a Melbourne-based guitarist and bandleader. Along with his band, he takes listeners on a guitar-fuelled journey through blues, soul, funk and rock. Introspective yet inclusive, McGarvie’s music will find resonance with both music aficionados and the casual listener alike. ... more

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